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Shepherd's Bush man found alive in mountains

An extreme sports enthusiast from west London, who disappeared in the Swiss Alps for three days, has been found alive in the mountains.

Dan Hunt, 33, from Shepherd's Bush, vanished on Saturday while so-called speed flying, which involves flying a small, fabric wing down a slope, at speeds of up to 75 miles an hour. This report from Piers Hopkirk.

Londoner who went missing in Alps found alive

Dan Hunt.

A Londoner who went missing in the Swiss Alps has been found alive after four days stuck in a freezing crevasse. Friends raised £14,000 to continue the search for the speed-flier after his insurance company stopped paying.

Dan Hunt, 33, set off on a speed-flying expedition with two friends on Saturday but failed to arrive at the agreed landing site.

The extreme sport involves hurtling down a mountain at speeds of up to 75mph on a lightweight parachute.

Friends and family were fearing the worst but earlier today his friend Nadeem Al-Khafaji found him stuck in a crevasse and he was pulled out to safety.

Apparently the crevasse was so deep he could not have climbed to safety without help.

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Remembering crash victim

A minute's silence has been held at a school in Muswell Hill in memory of 11-year-old Sebastian Bowles, who died in this week's coach crash in Switzerland.

The headteacher said he was "a little cherub".

Orginally from Crouch End, Sebastian was one of 22 children and six adults killed after a skiing trip.

Sebastian went to one of the schools in Belgium that organised the trip, after his parents moved there two years ago.

Police investigate bus crash

Swiss police said in a news conference that the prosecutor cannot confirm reports that the bus driver was trying to insert a DVD. The police also said there were no traces of alcohol in the body of the driver and he slept very well the night before and was well rested.

But police added that they cannot say yet if technical or human error was the cause of the crash. People affected by this incident are receiving psychological help.


Police news conference

In the news conference in Sion Swiss police said all the dead from the bus crash were identified within 48 hours and they added that a technical investigation is now under way. The police have retrieved recordings which will give details about the bus journey from departure.

No other vehicle was involved in the accident. The police have details of the exact speed at the time of the accident - it was lower than the limit in the tunnel. They said: "We cannot blame speed for the accident." Belgian and Swiss authorities are working together in this matter.

Sebastian's last school picture

Sebastian Bowles Credit: Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary School

This is the iast school picture of Swiss coach crash victim Sebastian Bowles taken at his former school, Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary School In North London.

In statement headteacher, Theresa McBride said the school community was "still reeling" from news.

She says they called him a little "cherub" because he looked like an angel and behaved like one too. Children and staff held a one-minute silence in his memory.

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