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Grey-Thompson: 'We saw people being pragmatic during Games'

I'd like to see a change in the rules on buses. Currently there is one wheelchair space and it is quite a big space. But if there's already somebody on board with a buggy that mum or dad has to take the child out of the buggy, collapse the buggy and then hold the child and then actually for me as a mum that doesn't feel terribly safe, if there is another space to put a wheelchair and a buggy.

I know it's quite a lot of rules to change but what we saw during Games time was people being very pragmatic about spaces on trains.

I used the Javelin (train) a lot and the staff there were putting four or five wheelchair users in the spaces because there was (enough) space for it to travel safely and I'd love to see some of that feedback into the other sections, where if there's space to put a buggy and a chair without causing any problem you can actually do that.

– Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson


Paralympian calls for disability-friendly transport system

Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson has called for a more flexible transport system for disabled people, following the success of London 2012.

More than £7 billion was spent improving the transport infrastructure ahead of the Games.

Baroness Grey-Thompson, who is also a member of the Transport for London Board, said it showed staff could cope with many more disabled people than they are allowed to under the current rules.


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