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Tesco puts petrol into diesel tanks in Hayes

Tesco has apologised to customers after petrol was put into diesel tanks at the firm's petrol station in Hayes.

A spokeswoman for Tesco said: "We are sorry to the small number of customers affected by this mistake.

"As soon as the mistake was spotted both tanks were taken out of service and we are working with the affected customers to resolve any problems.”


Tesco fined over huge 'super mouse' in filthy store

Tesco has been fined £45,000 after a 'super mouse' was discovered in a filthy store in central London, plagued by an infestation of rodents.

The oversized animal was just one of scores of creatures found scurrying around Credit: Central News

The creature, which was twice the size of a normal mouse, was spotted by a horrified health inspector at the Tesco Metro store in Covent Garden where 55,000 customers shop each week.

The mouse was found at the Tesco store in Bedford Street, Covent Garnden Credit: Central News

Protest march against Tesco store

Residents in a historic market town in Surrey are adamant that Tesco isn't welcome in their neighbourhood.

The supermarket giant wants to open a new store in Goldalming, but today residents are staging a protest march ahead of a public meeting on the issue. They hope to prove that there is a massive swell of feeling against the multinational chain.

Residents waved placards as they marched to the public meeting. Credit: London Tonight.
The proposed location for the new store is on the border of Godalming and Farncombe. Credit: London Tonight.
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