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Tappin family statement

"Christopher Tappin (65) will attend court in El Paso, Texas, at 11.30am local time on Thursday 1st November, to hear the US Department of Justice inform the judge of the basis of a plea bargain agreed by Mr Tappin. Should the Judge accept the terms, there is likely to be a period of several weeks for pre-sentencing assessment before Mr Tappin is recalled to Court to hear the Judge’s sentencing. The Tappins do not consider it appropriate to release any details of the plea agreement before the Judge has been afforded the courtesy of hearing them, after which the terms will become public."

– Tappin family statement


Tappin's wife breaks down to MPs

The wife of a retired British businessman extradited to the US for alleged arms dealing broke down in tears today as she spoke of her despair that nobody was prepared to listen to his defence before "carting him off".

Elaine Tappin said she could not believe her husband Christopher, 65, was not given the chance to put his side of the case before losing his two-year battle against being sent to America last week.

She was giving evidence to MPs in London as Tappin, who faces up to 35 years in jail if convicted of selling batteries for Iranian missiles, faced his first appearance in a US courtroom tonight.