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  1. Martin Stew: ITV Weather Presenter

Thames Estuary flood warning increased to most severe

Looks like the Environment Agency are about to up their flood warning to the most severe for the Thames Estuary. A serious risk to life and the potential some areas could be evacuated as the tidal storm surge rises tonight and tomorrow.

Environment Agency's live flood warning map Credit: Environment Agency

How London will be affected by the tidal surge

Here's the latest advice from the Environment Agency on how London and the South East will be affected by the tidal surge:

  • The Environment Agency will be closing the Thames Barrier on Thursday night to defend London
  • It will also use another defence in place at Colne in Essex

Gale force winds and large waves along the east coast of England are forecast during Thursday and Friday, coinciding with high tides and a significant coastal surge'.

Flooding of some coastal communities is expected and some defences could be overtopped by the combined effect of high tides, high winds and a tidal surge.

Coastal paths and promenades will be highly dangerous as there is an increased risk of people being swept out to sea.

– Dr Paul Leinster, Environment Agency


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