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Last minute Thames rescue

London lifeboat crew members today saved the lives of a group of four - moments before their speedboat sank to the bottom of the Thames.

The crew of Tower RNLI raced to the scene in their lifeboat, pulling all four occupants to safety moments before the boat sank. Credit: RNLI

The drama unfolded around 2pm this afternoon when the group’s boat began taking on water just south of the Millennium Bridge.

Unable to stop taking on water, the group then alerted the Coastguard using their mobile phone, before preparing to abandon ship.

None of the group were wearing lifejackets. Credit: RNLI

With the four relieved occupants safely aboard the lifeboat, the crew were able to tether their boat, whose bow was still sticking out of the water, so that it did not become a hazard to passing vessels.

The Port of London Authority and the Fire Service then arrived on scene to recover the boat. Credit: RNLI

Dramatic last minute rescue on Thames


Sinking boat with four people on board. As the last person stepped on to the lifeboat @towerrnli the pleasure boat slipped below the water.



Plans for spectacular London New Year's Eve party

Jim Donald, from Jack Morton Worldwide, who is executive producer for London's New Year's Eve party,said: "We're thrilled again to be a part of New Year's Eve. We've been running this for the last nine years.

"We opened the year, a spectacular year, just 12 months ago and we're going to close the year off in hopefully an even bigger and better way."

Getting around on New Years Eve

Tube, DLR, tram and some National Rail services in Greater London will run all night on New Years Eve.

Night and 24 hour bus routes will run as normal, but there will be a reduction in bus services leaving central London from around 5pm to around 3am on New Year's morning because of road closures.

There will be free London travel on bus, Tube, tram and DLR from 11:45pm until 4:30am and on London Overground until last trains.

For more details visit the TfL website.

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