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AA warns of risk of driving through floods

A car drives through flood water near Chertsey, Surrey Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The AA said it recovered 100 vehicles from flood water, mostly across Surrey and Essex, following torrential overnight rain.

Darron Burness, head of the AA's flood rescue team, said: "It's gone a bit mad today with a massive surge in flood call-outs following the heavy overnight rain.

"Some of the people we went out to this morning got stuck after their cars were swamped by passing lorries. If you risk driving into flood water, you're a sitting duck as the air intake on most cars is pretty low, which makes them very vulnerable.

"Rather than taking a detour, these drivers will be making a rather embarrassing call to their insurer this morning and many will have their pride and joy written off. As well as swamping cars, the bow waves of passing vehicles can flood property too, forcing water into people's homes."

London motorcyclists unpopular on roads

Motorcyclists in London are some of the most inconsiderate on the roads, according to a new AA survey. 46%of drivers asked, thought that London bikers were discourteous - higher than any other region.

President of the AA, Edmund King who was hosting a motorcycle conference in London said:

We have heard much lately about improving the safety of cyclists from the Prime Minister downwards, yet motorcyclists appear to be the forgotten cousins. And yet motorbikes and scooters can play a vital role in helping to reduce congestion and enhance mobility in our towns and cities. We need a step change in attitudes to provide a positive role for powered two-wheelers in our transport strategy. Safer, more fuel-efficient bikes coupled with serious inclusion of motorcycling within transport policy could bring benefits for all road users.