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First tiger cub in seventeen years at London Zoo

Sumatran tiger Melati looks at her new-born cub Credit: London Zoo

London Zoo have welcomed their first tiger cub in seventeen years, after five year old Sumatran tiger Melati gave birth to a cub on Sunday evening.

The cub was born in the Zoo's "Tiger Territory" after a six-minute labour.

Zookeeper Paul Kybett said everyone at the zoo was "over the moon" about the birth.

"It's still very early days, so we're leaving Melati to take care of her adorable baby, and our cameras allow us to watch them both from a distance. So far she's proving to be a doting mum," he said.


Introducing the Tiger Territory

Here's some facts about London Zoo's new Tiger Territory which opens to the public on Friday:

  • The Territory is 27,000 square feet in size, five times the size of the previous enclosure.
  • It is based on an Indonesian habitat and will house endangered Sumatran tigers.
  • The Territory has a pool and trees for the tigers to climb.
  • London Zoo hope the tigers will breed to conserve the species.

Tigers get a new home at London Zoo

The tigers at London Zoo have a new home which was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh today. The Tiger Territory houses two Sumatran tigers, Jae Jae and Melati.

The Sumatran tiger Jae Jae explores his new home. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire
The design of the Tiger Territory is based on countryside in Indonesia. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire
The Duke of Edinburgh kept a safe distance when he opened the Tiger Territory. Credit: Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment
The Tiger Territory will open to the public on Friday. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire