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Countries giving the biggest boost to London's economy

The amount of money being spent by tourists in London almost doubled between 2003 and 2013. Overseas visitors spent £11.26 billion on hotels, attractions and shopping. Tourists from these countries spent the most in the capital.

  • USA: £1.52 billion
  • Other Middle East: £888 million
  • France: £677 million
  • Germany: £557 million
  • Australia: £552 million
  • Italy: £513 million
  • Spain: £483
  • Other Asia: £411 million
  • United Arab Emirates: £359 million
  • Other Central & South America: £335 million

Source: ONS

Top 10 visitors to London over the last decade

2003: Top 10 visitors to London over last 10 years (numbers in thousands)

  • USA: 2,234
  • France: 1,191
  • Germany: 892
  • Irish Republic: 624
  • Netherlands: 619
  • Italy: 601
  • Spain: 527
  • Australia: 451
  • Canada: 317
  • Sweden: 308

2013: Top 10 visitors to London over last 10 years (numbers in thousands)

  • USA: 1,884
  • France: 1,873
  • Germany: 1,338
  • Italy: 1,091
  • Spain: 843
  • Netherlands: 696
  • Australia: 696
  • Irish Republic: 619
  • Belgium: 533
  • Sweden: 523

Source: ONS

London celebrates most successful year for tourism

London celebrated its most successful year for tourism in 2013, as a total of 16.8 million overseas visitors came to the capital.

Trafalgar Square, one of London's tourist hotspots Credit: Press Association

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show the number of tourists heading to London has been increasing steadily over the last ten years, from 47.3% in 2003 to 51.2% in 2013.


2014 expected to be another big year for tourism

Alva director Bernard Donoghue said: "2014 is sure to be a momentous year, seeing the 450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare.

"Therefore we are delighted that Shakespeare's Globe in London and the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, along with the South Bank Centre in London, are Alva's newest members."

Sunny 2013 boosted tourism

A large increase in visitors at tourist attractions across the capital is being put down to last year's fine summer.

Figures from the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) show a 12% increase in 2013 - double the rise seen across the rest of the UK.

The British Museum was named the most popular visitor attraction in the country for the seventh year running. It had its most successful year on record, with a 20% increase in its visitor numbers to £6.7 million.

A spokesman for ALVA said: "Exhibitions such as 'Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum' undoubtedly had an impact on numbers, as did the success of 'Ice Age Art: arrival of the modern mind' and 'Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese Art'.",

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