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Tower Bridge's 120th birthday

In the 120 years that Tower Bridge has been standing, the globe has seen two world wars, six British monarchs, 22 Prime Ministers, the moon landings and the digital revolution.

Tower Bridge turns 120 Credit: Reuters

To celebrate, it is opening its doors to visitors for £1.20 on the anniversary date.

A special sunset reception will also be held for 120 competition winners on its lofty walkways.

The world famous bridge was officially opened on 30th June 1894 in a special ceremony by the then Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII.

At the time, The Times Newspaper reported that it was "reckoned among the greatest engineering triumphs of the Victorian age."


64-year-old woman suffered head injuries after crash

We were called at 11.59 today to an incident involving a boat at St Katherine's Pier.

We sent three ambulance crews, a hazardous area response team and a duty officer to the scene.

Staff treated nine patients. A 64-year-old woman suffered pelvis and head injuries and was taken as a priority to the major trauma centre at Royal London Hospital.

Four women were treated for minor injuries and also taken to the Royal London.

A man and a girl were treated for minor injuries and made their own way to hospital, while two other women were checked at the scene but did not require further treatment in hospital.

– London Ambulance Service

Five treated in hospital after Tower Bridge boat crash

Five women had to be taken to hospital, while a man and a girl made their own way to get medical treatment and two other women were checked at the scene but didn't need any further help.

Credit: PA

One of the women was taken as a priority to Royal London Hospital with pelvis and head injuries, while the other injuries sustained were described as minor.

'No damage' after vessel collides with Tower Bridge


EDL leader Tommy Robinson charged with public order offences

The Met have confirmed that the leader of the English Defence League has been charged with public order offences after a rally yesterday.

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, tweeted about his charges earlier in the day.

Over 160 people were arrested for a variety of offences after the far-right group's march through central London yesterday.

Most of the arrests were for breaching the conditions police had set down for where the rally could take place, and included people from rival anti-racist and anti-fascist groups who were prohibited from coming in to contact with the EDL's route.

EDL leader arrested at march

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been arrested after the far-right group's rally yesterday in East London.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested last night Credit: PA Wire

He was among 14 people taken into custody for public order offences - some of those from anti-racist and anti-fascist groups who were protesting against the march.

A further 150 people were arrested for breaching conditions police had set in place about where the rally was allowed to take place.

The EDL had wanted to hold the rally in Tower Hamlets, which it says is "subject to Sharia law". But the Met Police only allowed the rally to go as far as the outskirts of the borough near Tower Bridge, over fears of serious public disorder.

300 protesters turn up to EDL march

Police dogs at the start of the march

Around 300 protesters have joined an English Defence League march around Tower Bridge.

One to two thousand people were estimated to attend.

The Metropolitan Police has an extra 3000 officers on duty.

The EDL decided to hold a march today despite losing a High Court battle over where they are allowed to demonstrate.

Leaders had wanted to rally in an area in Tower Hamlets which they say is "subject to Sharia law".

However, a judge yesterday ruled that a police decision to impose restrictions over fears of "serious public disorder" was reasonable and proportionate.

The protest started at Queen Elizabeth Street.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson has addressed the crowd. .

Protesters at the beginning of the march. Credit: ITV News / Ronke Phillips
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