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Traffic chaos on M25 as 13 illegal immigrants run from the back of a lorry

Commuters faced rush hour travel misery on the M25 this morning after 13 illegal immigrants ran out from the back of a lorry in the middle of the motorway.

There was heavy traffic on the M25 this morning after 13 illegal immigrants ran from a lorry Credit: Reuters/ file photo

Surrey Police tweeted that they had all been caught and arrested after the incident between junctions 12 and 13.

People claiming to have seen the incident on their drive to work took to Twitter to describe their shock at what happened:

Details of the nationalities and ages of those held were not immediately available.

It is the latest incident involving suspected illegal immigrants being found in the backs of lorries. Last Friday a man was arrested after 24 Eritrean nationals were discovered in the rear of an HGV in Whitfield in Kent.

Green Party: Londoners 'really struggling' with fare rises

Darren Johnson AM, London Assembly Member for the Green Party, has hit out at Mayor Boris Johnson over fare increases on London's Transport System.

He was responding to accusations made by Transport for London Commissioner Peter Hendy, who claimed there could be 'social unrest' if transport links are not improved for lower income Londoners living on the outskirts of the capital.

The Mayor recently increased fares for the seventh year in a row. As Sir Peter rightly points out, millions of Londoners are really struggling with stagnant pay and spiralling housing costs. Being forced to pay high fares to use increasingly overcrowded buses and trains is making life even harder.

As more and more low-income Londoners are forced to relocate to outer London boroughs, the Mayor should be reacting by investing in the bus service and delivering safe, appealing cycle routes that people want to use for their commute to work. He should not be pushing road-building projects aimed at encouraging driving, especially when the majority of low-income families in London don’t own a car.

– Darren Johnson AM, Green Party London Assembly member


London could face riots if transport system is not improved, TfL boss claims

Sir Peter Hendy, the head of Transport for London, says London's transport crisis 'risks sparking riots' if more is not done to improve services on the network.

TfL chief Sir Peter Hendy has warned of more riots in London if the transport system is not improved Credit: Transport for London

In an interview with the Guardian, he warned of 'social unrest' if low paid workers living on the outskirts of the capital could not commute more easily into the centre of the city for work.

London's poor don't live in Harrow Road, they live in Enfield and Tolworth and if you can't get them to jobs they want, your city's going to be in a bad way: it's not going to progress and contribute to national economic growth.

The stakes are pretty high. If you're not able to increase transport capacity, and people find accessing work impossible, you risk social unrest. You can expect trouble.

– Sir Peter Hendy, speaking to The Guardian

He also claimed that without new rail lines and major infrastructure projects, such as Crossrail 2 being started immediately, overcrowding in central London could reach "overwhelming" levels. Crossrail 2 is expected to take at least 15 years to complete.

RMT announce industrial action ahead of General Secretary vote

The RMT has announced a fresh wave of industrial action ahead of a decision today on who will replace the late Bob Crow as the union's General Secretary.

The action comes as part of a long running row over ticket office closures. The RMT is accusing London Underground of being "hell-bent" on carrying out a programme of ticket office closures and job cuts despite months of talks.

Plans for an overtime ban and other forms of industrial action were suspended earlier this month, but members will now ban overtime from Wednesday until further notice.

Voting to close on new RMT General Secretary

Voting to decide who will replace Bob Crow as General Secretary of the RMT (Rail, Maritime and Transporters Union) Union ends today.

Mr Crow, who was from Shadwell in East London, died earlier this year. During his time leading the union managed to increased membership by 20 thousand.

Five people are running for the post, including Acting General Secretary Mick Cash.

The late Bob Crow in 2010 Credit: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Contactless payment on Tube to be rolled out Sept 16

Transport for London has announced that contactless payment will be rolled out on September 16. The scheme, already available on buses, will allow commuters to pay with credit and debit cards that feature the contactless icon.


Experts say going cashless is part of a 'seismic shift' in shopping habits

When asked about London buses going cash free from today Dave Hobday, Managing Director of Worldpay UK, the country's leading payment processing company has said the move is part of a wider shift.

We're on the cusp of a seismic shift in shopper behaviour, and predict that everyone from farmers markets to buskers will go cashless.

Contactless kills queues and means businesses never lose a sale during peak times.

– Dave Hobday, Worldpay UK

Ten years ago around 25% of journeys were paid for with cash, but now it's less than 1% .

Over 44,000 passengers a day use 'One More Journey'

In the last month over 44,000 bus passengers a day have used the 'One More Journey' feature introduced to ease the transition of buses going cash free.

It allows users to make one more journey should they not have enough credit on their Oyster card or if their travel card or pass has just expired.

Of those passengers, over 80% have topped up before making a further journey. As a result of this, cash fares dropped and so were only used for 0.7% cent of all journeys on London buses.

Passengers can make one more journey if they have run out of credit on their Oyster card Credit: PA
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