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Mayor asked to clarify policing statistics

Boris Johnson has been asked to clarify figures on police numbers by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA). Credit: Reuters, Phil Noble.

The UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) has asked Boris Johnson to clarify figures on police numbers.

The chairman of the UKSA, Andrew Dilnot, has written to the mayor asking him to publish a "reconciliation" between different sets of figures published by the Greater London Authority and the Home Office.

London Assembly Labour Police & Crime spokesperson,Joanne McCartney AM said:

“We know that 2,208 police officers have been lost already in London and we had deep concerns that Boris’ plans for the future of the Metropolitan Police were based on misleading statistics.

"Today’s letter from the UK Statistics Authority confirms that the Mayor’s figures are far from clear, he has been asked to publish an explanation of why his figures differ from the Home Office figures.

"He needs to do this as a matter of urgency so that Londoners can have confidence in his future plans for the Met."

A spokesperson for the Mayor's office said: “The UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) acknowledges that there are various sets of figures available for police numbers in London and reasonable explanations for why they differ slightly.

"The UKSA have asked if we would be willing to provide more information to reconcile the statistics we have used with other available statistics, and we are happy to do so in due course.

"The UKSA have not called into question the accuracy of the budgeted figures we are using, which remain the correct baseline for our plans.”