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Ministry of Justice responds to protest

The Ministry of Justice has responded to the protest by UK Uncut this afternoon, saying cuts are necessary as legal aid is simply 'costing too much'.

"We have one of the best legal professions in the world, but cannot close our eyes to the fact that - at around £2 billion - legal aid is costing too much.

The Government's legal aid reforms will create a sustainable legal aid system that will still be one of the most generous in the world. We want to ensure the limited public funds available are targeted at those cases and people who need it most.

At a time when major financial challenges are being felt by businesses and households across the country, the legal sector cannot be immune from the Government's commitment to getting better value for every penny of taxpayers' money we spend."

– Ministry of Justice

The Strand blocked by UK Uncut protest

A demonstration organised by anti-cuts group UK Uncut has formed a human road block on The Strand outside the Royal Courts of Justice. The protest is to oppose government cuts to Legal Aid funding.

Demonstrators in wheelchairs block the Strand as a bus is held up behind Credit: Twitter: @fuelpov action
Protestors dressed as barristers hold up a life sized cutout of Justice Secretary Chris Grayling "in the dock" Credit: Twitter: @ewajasiewicz
Demonstrators in fancy dress as Lady Justice block the road Credit: Twitter: @melllevans