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Colony of bees has now been safely moved from Victoria

The colony of bees has now been safely moved across the road to Westminster Cathedral, where it will be looked after by beekeepers on top of the Catholic church's roof.

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David Beamont, at the Victoria Business Improvement District said: "In Victoria there are over a dozen experienced beekeepers who have all been on an intense training course that focuses on the theory and practical training of urban beekeeping, successfully managing hives for nearly two years."

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Ruth Duston, CEO of Victoria BID, said local businesses kept bees to boost the area's biodiversity, adding: "With a falling national bee population, the bees in Victoria play a key role in showing that London is a healthy, liveable city."

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Swarm of bees at Victoria 'to be smoked into a box'

Tony Mann, a project manager at nearby John Lewis, who also happens to be a trained bee keeper, dashed over to the shop to help lead efforts to smoke the European honeybee colony out.

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Tony Mann said: "We have either had a virgin Queen or an old Queen, she has left the nest and she has brought the warm and settled on the shop front. We are going to smoke them into a box and encourage them to stay there and we will remove them later today.

"They will go to whoever wants a hive. We need bees in London as much as we need them on the countryside. Bees are a keystone species. These are European honeybees."

Bees cover fashion store's window at Victoria


Really odd huge swarm of bees outside monsoon / Topshop in Victoria (I didn't get too close)


Huge swarm of bees sends Londoners running for cover

A huge swarm of thousands of bees sent commuters running for cover near London's Victoria Station this morning. The insects covered part of Topshop's window as Londoners headed to work.


The bees in Victoria St, London really seem to love TopShops new offers!!



Cyclist left seriously injured after colliding with van

A cyclist has been left seriously injured after colliding with a van near Victoria shortly after this morning's rush hour.

The cyclist, aged in his 20s, was left with serious injuries to his pelvis and legs. His condition is not thought to be life-threatening.


Incident involving a cyclist on vauxhall bridge road. Police, fire and ambulance on the scene


The air ambulance was called to Vauxhall Bridge Road at around 9.40am.

Bid to make London more green

Exhaust fumes, waste disposal and industry emissions - sometimes it can feel very difficult being environmentally friendly in London.

Well now one on area of the capital is trying to show how easy it can be to go green.

The Victoria Business Improvement District has released a guide on how to enhance urban areas with some very clever tricks. Martin Stew went to investigate.

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