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London swimmer died in Lake Windermere event

The Great North Swim event in Lake Windermere in 2009 Credit: Dave Tyrell/Tyrrell Photography

52 year old Colin Pringle, from Wallington, South London, died in hospital after participating in the Great North Swim in Windermere, Cumbria, on Friday.

The Great Swim Series is the UK's biggest exhibition of open water swimming and is staged in clean and safe lakes, lochs and docklands in various areas of the country, according to its website.

The Great North Swim features half-mile, one-mile, two-mile or 3.1-mile courses, with "expert safety kayakers" accompanying swimmers.


The case of the never ending hiccups

A teenager from Surrey is appealing for medical help to stop her hiccuping.

Emily Marsh from Wallington has hiccuped every two seconds since January and she even does it while she's asleep.

She's tried everything - from drugs to hypnosis and even old-wives remedies like drinking vinegar, but nothing has helped.

Ria Chatterjee has been to meet her: