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Man City and Sunderland fans arrive at Wembley

Manchester City and Sunderland fans are arriving at Wembley Stadium ahead of the Capital One Cup final this afternoon.

A police officer takes a picture of Sunderland fans outside Wembley. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
Manchester City and Sunderland fans on Wembley Way. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
Sunderland fan's Mark Walker and Jamie Walker outside Wembley. Credit: Nick Potts/PA Wire

Harlow MP brands Sunderland fans 'scumbag football hooligans'

Harlow MP Robert Halfron faced a backlash from Twitter users today after he branded visiting Sunderland fans as "scumbag football hooligans".

The tweet was accompanied by a photograph of rubbish in the streets; the apparent aftermath of a mass gathering on the streets of central London:

It comes after many social media site users posted pictures of Covent Garden looking even more busy than usual on Saturday night.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman has confirmed that they were not aware of any trouble but they did make one arrest.


Transport advice ahead of Wembley final

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Sunderland fans make London Red and White

Sunderland fans descended on London last night ahead of today's League Cup Final against Manchester City.

The Red and White army gathered in Covent Garden to look ahead to the big match. Several fans dressed up as the club's legendary manager Bob Stokoe, who won the FA Cup for the Black Cats in 1973. Simon O'Rourke reports.

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Central London swamped by football fans ahead of final

Sunderland fans descended upon Covent Garden in central London last night ahead of their team's League Cup final against Manchester City at Wembley Stadium today.

Man guilty of attempted murder of girlfriend

Donovan Golding from Wembley attacked his girlfriend with a kitchen knife Credit: Metropolitan Police

A man from Wembley has been found guilty of attempted murder after attacking his girlfriend with a kitchen knife. Donovan Golding stabbed Nicolita Ghete during an argument at her home in Harrow. The court heard she almost died of her injuries, and only the quick response of the police saved her.

Ms Ghete received multiple knife wounds to the hands, torso and neck - the most serious injuries being the ones to the back. She is now paralysed for life from the chest down. Golding will be sentenced on 26 February at Harrow Crown Court.

Sgt Ruby Kadiri of Harrow police, who led the investigation, said:

“I am pleased with the verdict today but my first thought is for the victim in this case who now faces a life with a disability caused by a violent ex-partner who could not accept that his controlling relationship was over.

"He brutally attempted to kill Nicolita and then tried to claim a case of self-defence. I am happy for Nicolita that Golding has been found guilty and I would encourage anybody suffering from domestic violence to have confidence in police and come forward to report it.”


Man dies in Wembley fire

An elderly man has died after a fire at a house in Wembley.

Firefighters were called to Tudor Court North yesterday morning where part of the first floor had been damaged by the blaze.

The man had been brought out of the property before the Brigade arrived, but died later in hospital.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Germany take Tube to training ahead of England game

Commuters travelling on the Tube yesterday were joined by the stars of the German national team.

Led by manager Joachim Lowe, the entire squad including Per Mertesacker, Mats Hummels and Andre Schurlle took the London Underground to Wembley for training as they prepared for tonight's friendly against England.

Marcel Schmelzer (left), with Per Mertesacker, Rene Adler and Mats Hummels (right) Credit: DFB

The German football association (DFB) claimed this was the first time the "A-Team" had used the "subway".

A fan takes a picture of some of the stars including Roman Weidenfeller and Jerome Boateng. Credit: DFB

The DFB said the journey was not a publicity stunt, but a way of escaping the congested streets of the capital.

Germany manager Joachim Lowe pictured with his assistant. Credit: DFB

Germany and England are set to face each other tonight at Wembley as both Roy Hodgson and Joachim Lowe begin to assess their respective squads ahead of the World Cup in Brazil next year.

For all the build up to tonight's match and for live coverage of the game, visit ITV Sport

NFL fever hits Wembley

Wembley may be the home of British football, but it also moonlights as a venue for football of a different type.

This weekend the Americans are coming as the stadium hosts an epic NFL clash. So what can fans expect? Well giant foam hands, lots of hotdogs and of course the world famous cheerleaders. Dan Hewitt has been to meet the teams.

Football's Founding Fathers

Surprisingly little was known about Ebenezer Cobb Morley, Arthur Pember, Charles WilliamAlcock, Francis Maule Campbell, John Forster Alcock, Herbert Thomas Steward,George Twizell Wawn and James Turner – the men that gathered to form The FA and draft the original 13 laws of association football.

But following a four-month search the Football Association found 16 living relatives.

Founding father Charles William Alcock Credit: Football Association

From that point 150 years ago, football has grown immeasurably and The FA now helps to support seven million people playing the game from grassroots to elite level.

Founding father Ebenezer Cobb Morley Credit: Football Association

In theUK, it was discovered that Arthur Pember's family tree crossed with Charles Darwin's. In 1925, Pember’s great-niece marriedCharles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin and thus thecurrent Darwin dynasty is also related to one of football’sFounding Fathers.

Arthur Pember Credit: Football Association

JaneSleight, the great-great-granddaughter of Arthur Pember, and TomSteward, a relation of Herbert Thomas Steward, are the two relativesliving furthest away, hailing fromWashington DC and Auckland in New Zealand.

Founding father Herbert Thomas Steward Credit: Football Association
Founding father James Turner Credit: Football Association
Founding father John Forster Alcock Credit: Football Association
Blackheath Football Club, 1862. Francis Maule Campbell is fourth from the left Credit: Football Association

Blackheath Football Club were one of the founding clubs in the association and Francis Maule Campbell played for them.

It no longer exists but Civil Service FC - also founded around 150 years ago - are still playing. They were one of the teams involved in the very first football match to take place at Buckingham Palace - another event commemorating the FA's 150th anniversary - two weeks ago.

Francis Maule Campbell, who also played for Blackheath FC Credit: Football Association
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