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Tessa Jowell statement

The Mayor of London has the power to make a profound and lasting difference to the lives of millions of Londoners, and I've made no secret that I've been preparing my plan. But my fervent belief is that London’s best hope for a better future is a Labour Government, so all of my campaigning energy is directed towards helping our Labour candidates in marginal seats win in 2015.

Applications to be Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London don’t open until after the election, so that is the appropriate time for a formal declaration. I’m standing down as MP for Dulwich and West Norwood so that I can fully prepare for meeting that challenge, and I intend to bring a plan for London that will be bold, ambitious, and will meet the aspirations of all Londoners

– Dame Tessa Jowell, Dulwich and West Norwood MP

Met: 'We work with the banking industry to reduce crime'

We work with the banking industry to reduce crime.

The Flying Squad is dedicated to tackling all commercial robberies in London and have been successful in reducing the number of incidents by 11% this year (comparing April-November 2012 with April-November 2011).

The incident of business robbery in Lambeth has also seen a 30% reduction in 2012 compared to 2011.

The decision to close the bank is a decision for Natwest.

– Met Police statement


NatWest closes West Norwood branch for 'health and safety' reasons

NatWest has closed its West Norwood branch, which opened in 1896, after staff became victims of crime for the seventh time in 11 years.

There was no warning to customers ahead of the decision to remove all the bank machines but a notice in the window claims the closure is for the 'health and safety of staff and customers', the Sunday Express has said.

NatWest said it had taken the decision in the interests of the safety of customers, staff and the community.

The decision has come after a spate of muggings near cash dispensers at NatWest and Barclays, now the street's only bank.