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Your views: New diesel cars are now 'low emission'

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@itvlondon a lot of new diesel cars are eco/low emissions now, so if anything should be charged less!


@itvlondon so its just another tax on the hard working. Taxes go up, wages go down. Used to like bo-jo, but falling out of favour now.


Your views: Drivers already hit with 'exorbitant charges'

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Jack Payne What about all the work men and women who HAVE to drive diesel vans for work? Are these hard working people going to be taxed too? Outrageous!


@itvlondon Drivers in London have enough to contend with what with the congestion charge and exorbitant parking rates. They are easy targets


@itvlondon Reduce fuel tax on petrol so it becomes as economical as a diesel car then petrol sales will increase, with less soot & nox

'Dangerous' laughing gas sold on east London streets

The gas starves the brain of oxygen and makes users light-headed and disoriented for a few minutes.

This so-called legal high can be extremely dangerous - not only does it put people at risk, it promotes anti-social behaviour.

The empty balloons and nitrous oxide canisters also create a lot of litter in Shoreditch and Dalston, which is frustrating for residents, local traders and shoppers.

We want to send a message out to the thoughtless peddlers of this dangerous gas - they're not welcome on the streets of Hackney and we will take action to remove them.

– Councillor Feryal Demirci


Your views: Extra £10 charge for diesel drivers in London

Should owners of diesel cars pay more to drive in London. Is it a good way of controlling pollution? Or are drivers paying enough already. Get in touch on Facebook, or tweet us.

Denise Edgeler Another tax? No doubt petrol tax next, as if we don't pay that already!

Anthony Guarnieri More taxing of drivers and not of cyclists hmmm.


@itvlondon yet another tax on drivers,just tax the stupid people that come up with these ideas all this country problems solved

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