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Man charged over Mortlake stabbing

Detectives investigating the death of a man in Mortlake have charged a man with murder. A 49-year-old was stabbed in the Tapestry tapas bar in Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake on Tuesday and he died in the early hours of this morning.

Nicholas Hunter will appear before magistrates in Wimbledon tomorrow.


Police officer admits sharing obscene images on mobile

James Addison pleaded guilty to the charges. Credit: PA Wire

A police officer from the diplomatic protection group has admitted sharing obscene images using his mobile phone.

James Addison, 37, pleaded guilty to 11 counts of publishing an obscene article under the Obscene Publications Act at Westminster Magistrates' Court today.

The officer is facing an internal misconduct investigation and remains suspended.

He will be sentenced on May 14.

Tributes left outside home where children were found

Members of the public have left flowers and tributes outside a house in New Malden where the bodies of three children were found on Tuesday night.

A 42-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the deaths of the four-year-old girl and twin boys aged three who all reportedly suffered from spinal muscular atrophy.

Members of the public lay flowers at the house in New Malden. Credit: PA Wire
A child leaves his tribute to outside the house. Credit: PA Wire
A woman and a young girl look at the array of tributes outside the house. Credit: PA Wire

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Armed gang armed target visiting family from UAE

A masked armed gang forced their way into a flat in Paddington to steal money, passports and important documents from visitors from the United Arab Emirates.

Four men, two armed with handguns and another with a large butcher's knife, broke into the rented property in Westbourne Gardens before threatening the tenants.

They subsequently made off with around £2,400 in cash, two mobile phones, two passports, handbags and bank cards.

The robbery took place at a rented flat in Westbourne Gardens, Paddington. Credit: Google Maps

Three other men stood outside the property as the robbery took place on April 22 at around 1am.

A 51-year-old man, his 47-year-old wife and another 59-year-old man did not require hospital treatment after the robbery.

The four males who raided the flat are described as black and wearing masks.


Spinal muscular atrophy affects nerve cells

Three children found dead at a property in New Malden all suffered from spinal muscular atrophy.

Approximately 100 children are born with the degenerative condition in the UK each year.

  • SMA is described as a rare inherited neuromuscular condition which affects nerve cells
  • Nerve cells involved in walking, crawling, arm, hand, head and neck movements as well as breathing and swallowing are all damaged
  • With no cure, treatment focuses on managing the condition and preserving the best quality of life for sufferers for as long as possible

For more information on the condition, visit the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK Website

Oyster card to remain as payment option on Tube

The Oyster card will remain as a payment option for Tube customers. Credit: PA Wire

The Oyster card will remain as a ticketing option for rail customers despite the introduction of smartphone payments later this year, Transport for London has told ITV London.

Mobile phones with a payment app will be able to open ticket barriers across London's rail network from later this year, but TfL insist there are no plans to withdraw the Oyster.

"Oyster operates alongside contactless on the buses and will do so on the Tube and rail network too," a spokesperson said.

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TfL 'making it easier for customers' to travel on Tube

Transport for London said it is aiming to make it easier for customers to travel on the Tube by introducing smartphone payments on the service.

Shashi Verma, TfL’s Director of Customer Experience, said:

We are continuing to modernise all our transport services to make it easier for customers to do business with us.

The upgrade to our readers to accept contactless payment cards also makes them capable of accepting suitable payment applications on mobile phones.

We are testing to see how the devices perform on the system and welcome any innovations which improve the services and choices we are able to offer customers.

Passengers to use smartphones to pay for Tube travel

Tube passengers will be able to pay for their travel using smartphones by the end of the year, Transport for London has confirmed.

Mobile phones with a payment app will be able to open ticket barriers across the Underground network.

Commuters will be able to pay for their Tube travel using their smartphones in future. Credit: PA Wire

Transport for London said staff, stakeholders and selected members of the public were currently testing the system ahead of the launch to the general public later this year.

Contactless payment was launched on London's buses in December 2012 and more than 11.5 million journeys have been made using the payment option.

It was announced earlier this month that commuters will no longer be able to pay using cash on London buses from Sunday July 6.

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