Thousands Miss Out On First Choice Secondary School

Tens of thousands of school children in London have found out today that they won't be going to their first choice secondary school in September.

Figures from the Pan-London Admissions Board show:

  • One in three of London's 11-year-olds failed to get into their first choice school.
  • Five per cent (almost 4,000 children in total) were rejected by all six of their preferred schools.

Some of those who missed out have been offered an alternative school, while others are still waiting to be told of their options. But families that miss out can lodge an appeal.

Chair of the Pan-London Admissions Board, Helen Jenner, said: “It is important to emphasise that, however proficient the admission system is – and our arrangements in London are about as efficient and fair as it is possible to have – it cannot create extra places at the most popular schools.”