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Tories: "Ken Livingstone has made £2.7bn of unfunded promises"

Boris Johnson's campaign team is claiming that his Labour rival has made at least £2.7bn worth of unfunded promises during his mayoral election campaign.

The Conservative campaign says that Ken Livingstone will have to increase council tax and increase the congestion charge in order to meet his promises.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said: “Ken Livingstone says one thing but does another. He is making promises to Londoners which he knows he can’t keep.

“He has made £2.7billion worth of promises at a time when public finances are the tightest they have been for decades.

“There is only one way he can keep his promises – and that is by continuing his record of hiking up council tax and increasing or expanding the congestion charge zone at a time when Londoners are struggling to make ends meet."

The full list of candidates standing for mayor is as follows:

Siobhan Benita (Independent), Carlos Cortiglia (BNP), Boris Johnson (Conservative), Jenny Jones (Green), Ken Livingstone (Labour), Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat), Lawrence James Webb (UKIP).

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