Fight For Primary School Places

More than 20,000 children have failed to get into their first choice primary school in London. Councils say that they experienced unprecedented demand for places this year because of a recent baby boom.

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Thousands of children left without a Primary School place

Over 78% of children did secure their first choice of school Credit: ITN

This year, parents of 100,000 pupils living in London applied for primary school places.

78% were offered their first preference school. 90% received an offer at one of their top

three schools.

Number of children across the whole of the London that secured their:

First Choice: 78.72%

Second Choice: 8.31%

Third Choice: 3.54%

Over 6 percent of children didn't secure a place at a Primary School Credit: ITN

6,220 children didn't get any of the top six choices of Primary School.

Number of children that secured their:

Fourth Choice: 1.67%

Fifth Choice: 0.91%

Sixth Choice: 0.63%

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