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  1. Alex Forrest, Election Correspondent

Election Correspondent Alex Forrest is on the campaign trail with Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone in Hammersmith today. Credit: London Tonight

I've just spent the past hour in Hammersmith on the campaign trail with Ken Livingstone.

He was met by supporters waving placards saying "24 hours to cut fares". He got on his soap box to tell anyone who'd listen this was London's last chance.

However when it came to my interview with him he was clearly irritated.

He dismissed as irrelevant the fact that bookmaker paddypower is already paying out for Boris Johnson.

And he said those from within the Labour party who've been less than supportive of his campaign are, and I paraphrase, has-beens.

Mr Livingstone also appears to think that it's the media who have ruined his campaign because we have been too negative.

I am waiting to interview Boris Johnson now. He's got his own problems to deal with and is clearly distancing himself from the Tory party at the moment. Let's see what he has to say.

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