Boris to fight Heathrow growth

The Cabinet re-shuffle has put Boris Johnson on a collision course with the government over Heathrow.

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Boris: 'I worry we are seeing a stealthy U-turn'

Boris Johnson. Credit: PA

Mr Johnson said he feared there was a "stealthy U-turn" under way and vowed to fight the party leadership if it backed a third runway.

He told BBC Radio 4's World at One:

"What I worry about is that we are now seeing a stealthy U-turn being carried out which I don't think is in the interests of London or indeed of the country as a whole because in the end you can expand Heathrow and you can put in a runway...

"Actually it will be a short runway but you have to come back in 10 years time and do another."

Asked if he would campaign against Heathrow expansion he said: "You bet I will, yes."

He said the possibility of a third runway was "being left open" and claimed the commission would not resolve the issue.

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