Former policeman faked records

A former Met Police officer has admitted faking records, which meant that rape cases weren't investigated properly.

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'Rogue officer' faked rape case records

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said that Coleman-Farrow appeared to be a "rogue officer who set out to deceive".

Deputy Chairwoman Deborah Glass said their investigation did not reveal any systemic or serious supervisory failings, and that the Metropolitan Police had reviewed all cases where he was the officer in charge.

She said:

"While we may never fully understand the motivation for his actions, Mr Coleman-Farrow appears to have been a rogue officer who set out to deceive.

"While dealing with rogue individuals must always be a concern in any system, supervisory systems will not necessarily pick up on an officer who has concocted evidence to cover their tracks."

The Metropolitan Police dismissed Coleman-Farrow in April 2011.

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