Trial of Alleged Gun Supplier

The trial of the man alleged to have supplied a gun to Mark Duggan is underway.

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  1. Ronke Phillips

Third police officer asked about Duggan's gun

The third police officer said he removed the magazine and that is when he found the casing. He handed the ammunition and the magazine to the ballistics officer. He checked the weapon barrel and chamber for more bullets but did not find any. The evidence was then secured in ballistics bags.

The jury is now looking at evidence bags containing the gun and magazine from the scene. The Pc said the slide of the gun was in the forward position but could not say if it was ready to fire. He said the slide would have to be pulled back to pick up the cartridge and then the trigger pulled.

Under cross examination the Pc agreed you would need two hands to fire the gun. The prosecution wants to know if the gun was ready to fire or not. He is sent out with the exhibit but will be recalled.

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