Man guilty of murdering girlfriend

A Fiat Stilo, where Kirsty Treloar, 20, was found stabbed to death, is removed from Ryder Mews in Hackney, east London. Credit: PA

A man is facing a life sentence for killing his girlfriend within hours of making a New Year resolution never to hurt her again.

Myles Williams, 19, has been found guilty of murdering Kirsty Treloar, 20, and wounding her brother and sister.

He will be sentenced on Wednesday 26th September at the Old Bailey.

Miss Treloar was stabbed 29 times by Williams, just three weeks after she gave birth to their baby.

Earlier, he sent her a text at 11pm on New Year's Day saying:

"Okay wer all gud now and my new yrs ressy is that i aint going to hit u again and i won't hit u 4 this yr next yr the yr after that the next yr after that."

It ended: "But I wont u to swear on (their daughter's) life u wont piss me off and do things to make me angry love you 4 eva."