Parents campaign for cleaner air

A girl with asthma chalks air pollution messages outside a school Credit: Climaterush

A group of north London mums has joined with an environmental group to campaign for cleaner air in London. The activists claim Islington is the borough with the least amount of green space, with more than half of its schools within 150 metres of a busy road.

The group took over parking spaces as part of World Car Free Day. Mother of two Caroline Russell, from Islington Green Party said: "With fewer local trips by car, more of us could travel quickly and easily on public transport or walk and cycle more safely and more healthily".

Eco-activists joined with Islington mums to campaign for action over pollution Credit: Climaterush

Nicola Baird, who has an 11-year-old daughter, said:

"If you've got kids with asthma, like I have, you're often too wrapped up in their health problems to make any fuss about the terrible air pollution in London. But we really need to complain more."