Met carries out dawn burglary raids in Kensington

Early on Wednesday morning the Met carried out raids at eight addresses across Kensington, at which five men aged between 18-22, were arrested on conspiracy to commit burglary. They are currently in custody pending further enquiries.

Items seized at the addresses include watches, designer clothes and cash. The raids, which were part of the intelligence-led operation Decker, identified a gang responsible for around 12 burglaries in Kensington, Brent, Ealing and Fulham. Valuable vehicles were stolen from these locations.

This morning’s operation is a clear warning to all burglars that we will do everything in our power to catch and convict them. Operation Decker is a Kensington and Chelsea Borough local initiative to drive down burglary offences and take the fight to the criminals. It illustrates that we will utilise all types of technology available to use in order to identify the activities of criminal gangs.

There is a distinct link between this gang and highly organised criminality.

– Detective Chief Inspector Rhys Willis of the Kensington and Chelsea Crime Squad