House burglar walks past family with his loot

A burglar who walked out with his loot past a family sitting in their lounge is facing jail. Jadihul Hoque climbed up a drain pipe and through an open window to steal two laptops and a mobile phone from a bedroom. He then walked down the stairs before closing the front door behind himself.

Prosecutor Arizuna Asante told the court the burglar struck in broad daylight on the evening of July 24th this year. Hoque, 18, of Norwich Road, Forest Gate, east London, admitted the single count of burglary. He will be sentenced on October 17. He was remanded in custody until that date.

The victim lived at the house with his parents, brother and grandmother.

His grandmother was in the front sitting room, while his mother was also downstairs and his brother was in his room.

He had just returned home, and he was walking down the hallway when he heard foot steps.

He saw the defendant calmly walk out of the house shutting the front door behind him.

He was holding a black bag, and it turned out this contained two laptop computers and as well as the victim's mobile phone.

– Prosecutor Arizuna Asante