Crossrail archaeology finds

Items discovered during archaeology digs at Crossrail worksites across London have gone on show in a special exhibition.

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Bronze Age artefacts unearthed

The Crossrail archaeology programme has also unearthed its first Bronze Age finds - although these won't form part of the exhibition.

Two wooden stakes, cut by early London hunters with an axe, and a hammer stone have been discovered at excavations at Plumstead.

Historians believe these may have been used to build a large network of timber pathways across east London, which may have made it easier for hunters to catch animals living in the lush wetlands some 3,500 years ago.

An archaeologist unearths a Bronze Age wooden stake. Credit: Crossrail.
A hammer stone, which would have been used as a tool. Credit: Crossrail.
A wooden stake. Credit: Crossrail.

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