Abu Qatada appeal hearing

A panel of judges will begin hearing an appeal by Abu Qatada to be freed while he fights extradition to Jordan.

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Abu Qatada timeline

1999 - Abu Qatada is convicted in his absence on terror charges in Jordan and sentenced to life imprisonment.

2005 - The preacher is arrested under immigration rules as the Government seeks to deport him to Jordan.

2008 - The Court of Appeal rules that deporting him would breach his human rights, because evidence used against him in Jordan may have been obtained through torture.

2009 - Five Law Lords rule that Qatada can be deported, on the basis of assurances from foreign governments that he will get a fair trial.

January 2012 - European judges rule that he cannot be deported while "there remains a real risk that evidence obtained by torture will be used against him", but that diplomatic assurances from Jordan would clear the way for his deportation.

April 2012 - Home Secretary Theresa May secures assurances from Jordan that it will "bend over backwards" to ensure Qatada receives a fair trial. Qatada's legal team lodges a fresh appeal attempt with Europe's human rights judges - but loses the case in May.

August 2012 - Qatada lodges a fresh attempt for freedom at the High Court.

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