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Sentencing of man who mugged pensioner in Highgate

Lynne Elmer-Laird. Credit: Police handout

The man who robbed a 91-year-old woman in Highgate on 14th August is to be sentenced.

Eric Banton, 49, of Northumberland Park, N17, pleaded guilty to the offence last month.

Lynne Elmer-Laird. Credit: Police handout

When Lynne Elmer-Laird was robbed in the street by Banton, it was the first time in many months that she had decided to venture out to the shops as she had been recuperating from a fall.

Mrs Elmer-Laird, who walks with a stick, suffered a bleed to the brain, a broken arm and severe bruising. Banton made off with her purse which contained £20, her bank card and travel pass. Although now discharged from hospital Mrs Elmer-Laird still needs hospital treatment as an outpatient.

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