Olympic medal returned

Olympic hockey medallist Hannah Macleod has had her bronze medal posted back to her anonymously.

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Macleod 'gutted' about stolen medal

I'm absolutely gutted that my Olympic bronze medal has been stolen.Winning it in August was an incredible highlight for me and for this to havehappened is simply shattering.

While it meanseverything to me it has no value to anyone else, and I just hope that whoevertook it can hand it in or leave it somewhere that means I can get it back. Ijust want it back.

I would like to thankeveryone - my friends and family, the media and the general public - for theiroverwhelming support of me and Alex Partridge. The response has beenincredible.

– Hannah Macleod

She asked anyone with information to contact police, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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