British Summer Time ends early at The Science Museum

British Summer Time comes to an end this weekend, but one London museum has so many clocks, it's already started the laborious process of resetting them all.

The Science Museum has a gallery containing 500 timepieces, from sand-glasses to sundials, dating back hundreds of years.

Richard Horton, Conservator at the Science Museum in London turns back one of 500 time pieces. Credit: Stefan Rousseau /PA
One down, 499 to go. Credit: Stefan Rousseau /PA
Some of the old clocks require specialist skills to turn them back. Credit: Stefan Rousseau /PA
The Measuring Time gallery showcases a range of devices from sand-glasses to sundials, water clocks to wristwatches. Credit: ITN
Senior curator Andrew Nahum says the time adjustments twice a year "represent an intriguing part of national life". Credit: ITN
British Summer Time ends on Sunday. Credit: Stefan Rousseau /PA