Conmen gained trust by showing sympathy to couple

The conmen gained the trust of the elderly couple by offering condolences for their daughter and son-in-law. They had photograpahs in the room of both of them.

There were also photos of Harold's mum receiving a telegram from the Queen on her 100th birthday and a picture of the ship he served on during the Second World War - a mine sweeper that took part on D-Day.

The conmen then started doing a bit of work on the wall and said there was a problem with a bush near the house; the roots were affecting the foundations and urgently needed to be removed. They then insisted on being paid £3000 in cash.


Call to end cold calling

The theme of this year's National Consumer Week is 'Cold calling - don't buy it!' The Trading Standards Institute is calling on people to get tough on cold calling, which it says is not in decline and vulnerable people are being targeted.