HIV charity anniversary

The Mayor of London, his HIV Ambassador pop star Annie Lennox and the Terrence Higgins Trust are celebrating 30 years of the charity and the HIV response in London.

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Lennox urges people to find out HIV status

Annie Lennox said in an interview with London Tonight: "Things have changed radically over the last three decades. So much has been done scientifically to find effective medical treatment that can help to save lives. But we're still struggling with the issue of stigma, fear and ignorance.

"There are many people that need to get tested. We're going to be encouraging people to go and get tested and find out their HIV status. Because HIV is very often a sexually transmitted thing, there's that stigma, there's that fear.

"Sex is something people are not comfortable talking about. It's very important to bring the dialogue out into the open...the sooner you get tested the more effective the treatment will be."

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