Boris Johnson in India

London Mayor Boris Johnson is on a six-day trip to India to promote business links with London

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India admits concerns over London 2012

India's most senior Olympic official has told Boris Johnson he was worried about London's ability to stage the Games. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, acting president of the Indian Olympic Association, said there was apprehension amongst the Indians that London's transport system could prove chaotic.

But Mr Malhotra managed to avoid a minor diplomatic incident as he then praised the way London handled the Games as a "great success". His comments came as Mr Johnson shared a stage at the British High Commission, where he presented two petals from the Olympic cauldron.

"We had some sort of apprehension that there would be some chaotic experience there as far as transport is concerned but it was very, very smooth. It was a flawless performance. The village there as well as all the stadiums, and the hospitality, was superb."

– Vijay Kumar Malhotra, acting president of Indian Olympic Association

Mr Malhotra is not the first foreign dignitary to admit his initial concern at London's ability to stage the Games. United States presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a gaffe when he said he was worried that the logistics of staging the Olympics would prove too much for the capital.

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