Queen urged to remove warrant from Fortnums

The Queen visits Fortnum & Mason in March Credit: Jeff Spicer/PA Wire

Green MP Caroline Lucas is urging the Queen to strip luxury food store Fortnum & Mason of its Royal Warrants because it sells foie gras.

She's accused the London store of "improperly" promoting the pate to its customers.

Ms Lucas points to an investigation by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals earlier this year that allegedly uncovered cruelty to geese at one of the store's French suppliers - claims Fortnum's said at the time it would investigate.

Fortnum's website states its foie gras is "produced by just two farms carefully selected for their excellent welfare standards".

She wrote: "I am appalled that the mistreatment of geese and the sale of foie gras should be associated in any way with the essence of Englishness."

Foie gras force-feeding is outlawed in the UK, but the product is still available from fine food specialists and in restaurants.Ms Lucas added: "It is totally inappropriate for a Royal Warrant holder to sell a product that is illegal to produce in this country on cruelty-to-animals grounds."