Queen visits Windsor hospice

The Queen unveils a plaque as she visits Thames Hospicecare in Windsor Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The Queen chatted with patients, staff and volunteers as she visited a hospice in Windsor celebrating its 25th anniversary. Thames Hospicecare is a charity providing palliative care for adults with cancer and other life limiting illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's.

The Queen spoke with patient Mary Gibbs and her son David Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Among those who spoke to the Queen was patient Nigel Millward, 52, who recalled meeting her 22 years ago. Mr Millward had been a jump judge at the Windsor Park Equestrian Club, and had met the Queen "on a cold, horrible day". She laughed and replied: "Oh, really? It's cold today but not horrible."

Patient Nigel Millward told the Queen he'd met her 22 years ago Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire
The Queen meets volunteers and Staff as she visits Thames Hospicecare Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire