Robin's weather blog

Robin McCallum looks ahead to winter Credit: ITN

According to the Met Office it's winter eve today.

Strictly speaking that's not entirely true as the Met Office simply regards tomorrow as the first day of winter and pays no heed to the significance of 30th. November being the last day of autumn but given the current dip in temperatures I thought I'd add my own twist.

The landscape this morningcertainly gave more than a passing nod to the imminent season change.

It was bitterly cold with a harsh, widespread frost (earth as hard as iron, water like a stone?) and the pale blue skies streaked with early sun made an impressive backdrop to the skeletal, leafless trees.

The roads were a littletreacherous in places so it was good to have sounded a warning note yesterdayabout the risk of icy stretches.

Today will remain dry and we'll lose a bit of brightness later. Tomorrow will see some showery rain(possibly falling as sleet over higher ground) crossing the region but it'll bebetter once again on Sunday.

All the while temperatureswill be staying low meaning that the weather will be matching the new seasonperfectly.

So, gloves by day,bedsocks by night, and you're sorted.

Have a great weekend.