London's half a billion miles of free travel on New Year’s Eve

As London gears up to celebrate the end of 2012, Transport for London reveals the operation on New Year’s Eve to ensure everyone gets home safe – free of charge.

A team of thousands will work through the night on New Year’s Eve as Diageo sponsors free public transport for the second year running. Over the course of the evening:

  • Tube train doors will open and close around 64,000 times between 11.45pm and 4.30am
  • More than 19,000 bus stops will be visited by nearly 8,000 buses
  • Buses will collectively clock up at least 40,000 miles on the capital’s roads to get everyone home after the party
  • The transport network’s 400 escalators will cover a total of 39,000 miles during the night – equivalent to lapping the world one and a half times.
  • A total of 561,496 miles will be travelled to get around 2.5 million people home
  • From its highest point (147m above sea level, the Metropolitan line near Amersham) to its deepest section (32m deep on Jubilee line through central London), travellers on the Tube will rise and fall by almost 180m – that’s almost two football pitches