Man 'hid lover's body'

A married man is at the Old Bailey today accused of murdering his girlfriend. The prosecution alleges that Kevin Doherty killed Jane Harrison, from Highbury, and hid her body, telling police he thought she had gone off with another man.

Cabbie pretended dead lover was alive

The Old Bailey has heard today that 57 year old black cab driver Kevin Doherty from South Woodford killed 32 year old Jane Harrison, hid her body and proceeded to pretend she was alive for 18 years.

The mother of two was last seen in June 1995, shopping with Doherty for a holiday they were due to go on together two days later. The prosecution claims Doherty killed Ms Harrison, took her body to a lock-up garage in Walthamstow and reported her missing the following day.

The court heard that Doherty tried to fabricate an alibi, making two calls to himself pretending they were from Ms Harrison. However there are no eye-witnesses nor has her body ever been found. The evidence against the father of 4 is only circumstantial Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC said.

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