Martin's weather blog

Martin Stew. Credit: ITN

Winterarrives this weekend.

It’s noticeably colder today as the warm air we’ve been trapped in for the last week has finally cleared. Tonight we’re going to see temperatures dropping down to nearly freezing and most of us will wake up to a frosty start.

The really wintery weather starts on Saturday though. We’ve got a warm front moving in from the south-west which will meet cold air being blown in from Scandinavia. The result will be sleet and snow Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning.

Because of the recent mild weather there’s probably too much latent heat in the ground for the snow to settle in London.In more exposed areas like the North Downs and the Cotswolds there is a good chance that we could see a decent sprinkling.

It’s worth noting that the forecasts are still liable to change – especially in terms of timings.Standard weather patterns that we see move in from the south-west are so frequently monitored it is easier for MET Office computer programmes to map where and when weather will happen.

The weather pattern we’re moving into with cold air coming in from the North East is rarer and as a result harder to predict.

The one thing we can say for sure is that it will be cold – so make sure you wrap up warm this weekend.

See you later