New job for Andrew Gilligan

The Mayor of London is to appoint journalist Andrew Gilligan as his cycling commissioner

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Reaction to Gilligan appointment

"Boris's arrogance apparently knows no bounds. He is going to appoint someone with no experience of making transport or cycling policy to a senior paid position at City Hall. This is truly startling. It looks like Boris has just appointed one of his friends without any independent evaluation of his skills or suitability for the post

"What is even more concerning is that Boris has now given well paid positions to two people who helped him get elected in 2008 – Veronica Wadley and Andrew Gilligan. This looks like Boris is using taxpayers money to reward his friends and build a team to become leader of the Conservative party.

"In the past few months Boris has appointed Veronica Wadley, Gerard Lyons and Ray Lewis. So far that's £242,000 of taxpayers money on jobs for his friends, plus whatever he chooses to pay Andrew Gilligan. Does Boris really think Londoners are too stupid to realise when he's pulling a fast one at a time when he's telling everyone else to tighten their belts?"

– Len Duvall, leader of the Labour Group at City Hall

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