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Ice warning after three rescued from London lakes

Firefighters demonstrate rescue techniques on a frozen lake Credit: London Fire Brigade

Firefighters from the London Fire Brigade are warning people to stay off the ice after they were called to rescue two men yesterday who had fallen through frozen lakes to rescue their dogs. Meanwhile, crews also rescued a child who was stuck on his sledge in the middle of a frozen lake.

Jim Knighton, Assistant Commissioner for Operational Procedures, said:

“To put it bluntly, it’s extremely fortunate we weren’t faced with a fatality yesterday. If people fall into an icy lake, hypothermia will quickly set in and they won’t survive for very long."

At midday yesterday, fire crews were called to rescue a man who had fallen into the lake on Regents Park, after his dog jumped in and vanished. Specialist rescue equipment was used to rescue the man but there was no sign of the dog. The man was treated by ambulance crews for shock and hypothermia.

Jim Knighton added:

“People with dogs should keep them on a lead and keep a close eye on them.It’s so easy for dogs to run off and end up in difficulty as we saw in London yesterday. If a pet ends up in trouble, call 999 and stay put, rather than attempting to rescue it yourself."

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