Tessa Jowell becomes Dame

The politician who helped London secure the 2012 games has today been made a Dame.

Tessa Jowell was credited with ensuring the capital won the bid to host the Olympics.

She was shadow Olympics minister during the games, but stood down from her post after the summer.

Speaking after the investiture hosted by Prince Charles, the Labour MP highlighted how she had left frontline politics in September. Clearly moved, she said:

"I stood down the day after the Olympic Parade - this is so overwhelming, it's a most extraordinary honour and I feel really humbled by it.

It was actually the most incredible team effort - a group of us which grew every year were just absolutely convinced by the vision of what an Olympic Games and Paralympic Games would do for our country and what it will continue to do in legacy.

Because, I think, quite apart from the tangible changes - the regeneration of east London - it's a reaffirmation of our self-confidence as a country and our belief in what is possible."