Emissions to be reduced to 75g/km

TfL want more stringent rules to exempt vehicles from paying the charge Credit: Matt Morton/PA

Edmund King, AA president, said: “We do have real concerns about ‘green goalposts’ being moved after drivers and businesses have invested in low-emission hybrid and diesel vehicles. We need to encourage the take-up of a range of greener vehicles.”

· 70,000 motorists enter London's congestion zone each day

· 2,500 qualify for TfL's Greener Vehicle Discount

· Vehicles must emit less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide

· TfL want tougher rules, reducing the limit to 75g co2/km

· This would rule out all current hybrid and diesel vehicles

David Bizley, the RAC’s technical director,said: “The 75g/km limit is pretty much beyond any current conventional diesel or gasoline vehicle. You really need some sort of plug-in hybrid to qualify.”


Diesels & hybrids to pay C-charge

Drivers of all diesel and most hybrid vehicles will be forced to pay the congestion charge from July, if Transport for London's plans are approved by Boris Johnson.