Cab fares to rise

Black Cabs fares are on the up again with Transport for London set to approve a 1.7 percent from April 6

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Black Cab fares to rise

Black cab fares to rise again Credit: PA

Passengers travelling from Heathrow Airport will reportedly be hit hardest by an increase in Black cab fares. A rise of 1.7% looks set to be approved by Transport for London from April 6. It's almost three times more than the rise in the cost of fuel. The increase follows a 5.3% rise last year

For those travelling to Heathrow - there will also be an 80p jump in the surcharge. TfL says the cost of an ''average'' fare, which is a journey of about 3.5 miles, will rise from £12.42 to £12.63. That will increase to £15.57 between 10pm and 6am.

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