Council tax fears

A woman has lost a high court appeal that would have prevented her local council increasing the amount of council tax she now pays.

It comes after plans were announced that would see millions of households in the UK pay more council tax.

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Haringey woman to continue tax fight

A woman from Haringey is already planning an appeal against a high court's ruling to uphold her local council's decision to make certain residents pay more of their council tax.

"We are disappointed with the decision, which potentially means that 25,000 of the poorest, most vulnerable people in Haringey face the prospect of paying council tax for the first time. However, the judge has granted permission to appeal the ruling which we hope will take place as soon as possible. Research has shown that council tax bills could rise by up to £600 a year from April for some households. This is a lot of money to low-income families and many will simply not be able to afford the extra payments as they are already struggling to cover the basics such as food and heating."

– The lawyer representing the woman who can't be named for legal reasons

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