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Wenger welcomes blood tests in football

Arsenal's manager has said that current drug testing in football is not strict enough to catch doping cheats, and would welcome blood testing in the sport.

The Arsenal manager speaking at a press conference yesterday

"Honestly, I don't think we do enough, because it is very difficult for me to believe that you have 740 players in the World Cup and you come out with zero problems," said Wenger.

"Mathematically that happens every time, but statistically, even for social drugs, it looks like we could do better and go deeper."

Wenger continued: "When you have a doping control at UEFA, they do not take blood, they take only urine. I have asked many times (at UEFA meetings) in Geneva (for that to be changed).

"Sometimes you have to wait for two hours after the game, so blood could be a lot quicker. We could go much deeper into control.

The Lance Armstrong case and revelations about the widespread use of doping in Australian sport has, again, brought doping in sport back to the top of the agenda.

Despite his support for the idea, the Arsenal boss thinks implementing testing may cause problems.

"I would support it. UEFA is ready to do it, but it poses some ethical problems because everyone has to accept that they will check the blood and not everybody is ready to do that."

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